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 Ingame Rules

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Ingame Rules Empty
PostSubject: Ingame Rules   Ingame Rules EmptyFri Oct 01, 2010 4:25 pm

Reporting, go to the report section and fill the following:
Hackers: Playername, what type of hack, what game room, witnesses, and video if you have one.
Harrassment: Playername, screenshot, witnesses

Dealing with Egoers:
Egoing is not illegal in this server, however, if you are flaming and whispering people you can be muted or your account can be banned.
You can't report someone if they ego or swear, but if they say racist things you don't like then report their name and a screenshot and they will be muted.

Any type of hack is bannable for players and moderators. Bans can last for more than three days, ip bans can last for over a month! Only admins and owners that have permission can hack, and only in training mode.
If you see a hacker report them immediately! (See reporting at top)

Glitchers/Glitches: Find a glitcher? Report them with a video and playername. If you find a glitch then report a bug with a video.

Spamming/Illegal Tools:
If someone is spamming in your room or if you spam you or that person will be banned if proof is provided.

Advertising and promoting a product: If you advertise a product, phone number, or a server then you will be IP muted or banned, please refrain from advertising.

That's pretty much it. If you need more information or help just PM me or a moderator!
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Ingame Rules
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